The Best Price

We all want to get the best price when we purchase something.  The best price, often times, is not cheapest price.  That’s when we usually hear after the fact, “you get what you pay for.”

Best Price for Chrome Plating

At U.S. Chrome, we strive to give our customers the very best price on every job we quote.  Occasionally we are not the cheapest, but we are very likely the best price for industrial chrome plating because we simply offer a better coating technology from conventional plating methods. 

As you evaluate a US Chrome quote for plating services, there are many reasons their price will end up being the best price, here are just a few:

  • Better Coating Process

The U.S. Chrome plating process for industrial chromium plating has been recognized as one of the most dependable, scientifically controlled methods of incorporating the metallurgical properties of chromium into an infinite variety of products.

  • Fewer Rejected Parts

Failed, rejected or imperfect coating of your parts cost you money in the material and work you put into them. Our precision plating services means fewer rejected parts.

  • A Setup That Makes a Difference

An appropriate setup before coating will result in a better, more consistent coating quality with less cleanup work from imperfections on the part afterwards.

  • Lower Shipping Costs

Shipping parts to and from the coating plant should always be added to the cost of the coating job, whether you deliver them or hire a shipper. With five U.S. Chrome locations, we are likely to have the lowest shipping cost to and from.

We have all experienced the regret of buying something cheap that breaks right after we bought it. Your work is far too valuable to be cheapened by an inferior coating job. All we ask, is to let us quote your job. We are confident that if you are looking to get more for your money, you’ll find U.S. Chrome quote offers the best price and quality for your job.