Hard Chrome Plating

Industrial Hard Chrome Plating & Electroplating Services

Industrial Hard Chrome Plating


Quality, Economy, Reliability

Available for all metal surfaces!

When designing machine components, engineers often combine a basis metal with a surface hard coating to achieve the quality, economy, and reliability desired in their product.

Of the numerous hard coating surface treatments available, industrial hard chromium for hard chrome plating continues to be one of the most popular coatings.

Over the years our company has chrome plated and performed rechroming for a wide assortment of applications in every industry imaginable. Examples include chrome bearings, chrome housings, chrome shafts, and numerous other components in various industries. What has defined our chrome plating services is the ability to hold tight tolerances when depositing chromium on all metal surfaces, including chrome plating aluminum and chrome plating titanium as well as other types of hard chrome plating.

One of our plating service specialities is hard chrome plating parts of any size. We are one of the few companies that has large coating tanks that can accommodate up to 20 foot length and 3 ton weight.


Features & Benefits of Hard Chrome Plating

  • Excellent sliding wear resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Superior bond strength to base metal

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Hard Chrome Plated Housing before honing

Housing Chrome Plated 0.003 before honing


Properties of Hard Chrome Plating


Typical Applications of
Hard Chrome Plating

An infinite variety of applications in the machine tool, automotive, computer, agricultural, and aerospace industries.