U.S. Chrome is helping farmers stay in the field longer; increasing productivity, minimizing downtime, and reducing the life cycle costs of their equipment.

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When agricultural manufacturers create top of the line equipment, their customers expect added value and reliability. Bringing this level of quality to farm equipment often means, many of the metal parts will be treated with a high quality industrial hard chrome plating finish.


The Hardest Wear Resistant Surface

Industrial hard chrome plating from U.S. Chrome increases the hardness of surface metals and extends the life of agricultural components that are continually exposed to intense mechanical contact like cutting and thrashing of crops and severe wear conditions from abrasive grains and chaff. The lubricious surface and hardness chrome plating provides, makes it the best metal finishing surface treatment for agricultural equipment. It greatly reduces friction and wear, seizing prevention and provides reliable performance under the most demanding conditions. It reduces the wear and tear and need for repair, while giving customers a visible and tangible quality difference they can see and will experience.

Lowering the Cost of Ownership

Many agricultural equipment manufacturers from North and South America, looking to lower the total cost of ownership and minimize equipment downtime for their farming clients have chosen to use a premium, industrial hard chrome finish from U.S. Chrome on their equipment. The perfect fit in their supply chain.

These companies choose U.S. Chrome for their work because we offer a superior hard chrome plating finish, great customer service which has been U.S. Chrome’s mission from the beginning, and the convenience of five plants strategically located throughout the US to help reduce shipping costs of parts.

For more than 75 years U.S. Chrome has been a leader in hard chrome technology and innovation. Our technical support for your engineering team along with our expertise and depth of knowledge in building custom racking systems and plating fixtures is why we achieve one of the industry’s best hard chrome plating finishes. These are the things that have fueled U.S. Chrome's growth to be one of the top 4 producers of hard chrome plating in the US, today.

Do You Own or Manufacture Agricultural Equipment

If you are a manufacturer of any of the agricultural equipment below and are not using U.S. Chrome, contact us today and we can show you why other agricultural equipment manufacturers have chosen us as their industrial hard chrome plating partner.

  • Tractors – pins and transaxles

  • Planting and Seeding Equipment- Planters

  • Wheel Rakes and Mergers

  • Forage Harvesters and Blower Equipment

  • Balers

  • Wheel Loaders and Attachments

  • Skid Steer Loaders

  • Compact Track Loaders

  • Application Equipment- Sprayers, Floaters, fertilizer Applicators

  • Harvesting Equipment- Combines, Corn Heads, Draper Heads, Flex Auger Heads, Grain Heads, Pickup Heads, Cotton Pickers

  • Tillage Equipment- Disk Harrows, Disk Rippers, Vertical Tillage, Field Cultivators, Strip Till, Chisel Plow

  • Windrowers- Draper Headers, Sicklebar Headers, Rotary Disc Headers, Mowers and Conditioners