coatings for aerospace products

U.S. Chrome has been engaged with the aerospace industry for many years. One of the big reasons is, we are one of the few companies that offer the exacting standards the aerospace industry requires for certifications. We know your equipment must work under demanding conditions and be extremely reliable, lives depend on it. Hard chrome from U.S. Chrome can give you those attributes.  We understand your industry and will be publishing soon, important information on how U.S. Chrome has become a solutions provider for many of the aerospace equipment manufacturers.

Metal Plating for the Aerospace Industry

From aircraft components to infrastructure, metal plating offers a variety of benefits that can improve durability, reduce wear and tear, and extend the life of aerospace parts and equipment.

Protect against atmospheric corrosion

Atmospheric corrosion can penetrate the metals that make up aircraft and their components, including titanium, aluminum, steel, and magnesium. Damage caused by corrosion goes beyond cosmetic issues and will actually work to weaken the structural integrity of the underlying metal, resulting in more frequent replacement and increased maintenance costs.

Chrome, electroless nickel, or TriCom plating will improve atmospheric corrosion resistance on any type of metal. By acting as a barrier to the corrosion, plating will absorb damage while maintaining the integrity of the component.

Improve resistance to wear and tear

Aerospace components that are repeatedly subjected to high stress and friction are prone to increased wear and tear. This process reduces efficiency over time and leads to a shorter life cycle. Plating these metals with chrome, electroless nickel, or TriCom will provide protection from outside forces to help strengthen the underlying component and reduce friction in moving parts.

Electroless nickel plating and TriCom coatings offer the best protection against friction. They are commonly used to reduce wear and tear in rotor components, engine bleed air valves, actuator housings, and suspension systems.

Refurbish old parts

Metal plating can aid in the restoration of aerospace parts, leading to improved performance and a longer life cycle. When components become worn, they lose their efficiency and need to be replaced. Coating worn parts with chrome or electroless nickel can maintain operational efficiency without sacrificing durability.

After a worn or damaged part is stripped and cracks are filled, nickel or hard chrome plating is used to seal the part and protect the repaired areas. Plating lengthens the lifespan and eliminates the cost of replacing them with new parts, without impacting their overall effectiveness.