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About US Chrome

U.S. Chrome Corporation specializes in industrial hard chrome plating and has expanded into these performance coatings:

Owner and CEO Robert Z. Reath

Robert Z. Reath, Owner and CEO US Chrome

Since 1940, US CHROME has been defining quality, precision, and innovation in the plating industry. We built our reputation on hard chrome plating and with regional production plants throughout the US. We expanded our capabilities exponentially by investing in a state-of-the-art research and development laboratory where we have developed everything from special-purpose coatings to environmentally-friendly replacements for chromium. Let us address your highly specific needs.

As a family owned business, we have incorporated people, technology, quality and service into a national network of the finest plating companies in the industry. Our business philosophy is simple. We operate with a small corporate team which works closely with each of our five operating Plant Managers. The intricate art of combining chemical and mechanical engineering with creative and innovative industrial applications is our forte. Whether we're designing and fabricating a system for processing chrome for NASA...or designing and manufacturing chrome plated titanium engine components, our total commitment and personal enjoyment of what we do are the reasons we do it so well.

Our exclusive proprietary processes, combined with our greatest asset— our people—will maintain our leadership in performance coatings in the 21st Century.